Getting a feel for my surroundings.

During the days and weekends, my time has been held hostage by all of the Thai teachers.  It has been absolutely wonderful to get the full scale tour of the Phetchaburi area.  I have been taken to a wildlife sanctuary, a huge lake on top of a mountain, a sustainable organic farm, several palaces, and the beach.

Outside of Kaeng Krachan National Park

Two new friends, Apple and Penny, carted me to King Rama V’s palace and the beach in the town of Phetchaburi.  An interesting thing I soon discovered with these ladies is that they liked to make me pose “like a supermodel!”  71 pictures later, this is a small sampling of what they consider good picture taking!


Heading to Ayuthaya tomorrow, where temple and palace ruins stand of a once dazzling and dynamic city.


4 responses to “Getting a feel for my surroundings.

  1. Monkeys are awesome, though they make me think of Wizard of Oz scary monkeys. You look revitalized and thoroughly happy….I love seeing that and reading about all of your adventures!!

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