My Birthday.

I hate admitting to this, but when my birthday rolls around, I want something spectacular to happen.  Camping trips, themed parties, a rip-roaring rumpus!  Dancing into the early morning, moonlight hikes, and being a little reckless!  I know, I know… but what can I say…in my opinion, birthdays should be a massive celebration!

Last year, my Pinnacles family flew me out to California to participate in a week long celebration of rock-climbing, motorcycle rides, amazing home cooked meals, a ton of beer drinking, and the amazing, honorary film festival bequeathed to me in solidarity for the eyesight I had lost in an ugly accident just 6 months before.

tdc fest

The poster for my film festival.  I have some kick-ass friends.

This year I wasn’t so sure how things were going to work out.  I had resigned myself to a low-key day, possibly sitting at a local hang-out in the evening after class, sipping on a Singha and watching the Thai version of “So, You Think You Can Dance.”

Not exactly how things went down…

I was immediately whisked off to several wats where, tradionally, Thais spend their birthdays.  Praying to Buddha for good fortune and luck in this new year of life is not something I ever thought I would experience, so I openly embraced it.

Wat Mahathat Woravihara

I talked with a monk who had the kindest face.

I received my fortune by shaking out a stick with a number on it.  My number was 15.  You then collected your fortune with the corresponding number.


 Loose translation of #15 given by Ajan Surasit:

*make everything and marketing very good

*if pregnant, son

*if single, have boyfriend or marries

*if something disappear, can find

*very good luck

*if ill, improve

*if credit, debit 

*very happy all day all night

*if wish/wants/needs to others, my wishes/wants/needs will come to me


Wat Yai Suwannaran

Ajan Surasit gave me a pendant for good luck and protection.


Got to see rich, golden historical paintings.

Fed huge fish in coi pond.

Lunch with Thai colleagues.

Birthday cake with some students.



What a damn fine day.



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