Color Me Happy.



I was in heaven last Saturday night…partaking in cheesy cheese cheese cheese on nachos with a glass of wine, so horribly watered down, but yet still so divine…I haven’t had cheese or wine in 3 months, two things I very much enjoy back home in the States.

I decided that I would take a quick jaunt to Hua Hin, which is only about 1 hour south of Phetchaburi, to spend the weekend soaking up a bit of sunshine on the beach and exploring another Thailand tourist hub.  High season is in full swing here, so it was a bit of a crap-shoot if I would find housing for the evening, but Fulay Guesthouse was able to take me in.


Fulay Guesthouse

This wonderful structure was on stilts in the ocean with a huge, wooden deck extending out into the water.  It was amazing to see how much the tide receded as the night drew darker and darker.

I spent Saturday with my Thai friend, Kati, playing on the beach and chasing men…or, umm…well, Kati was the one on the hunt.  “Tessa, I want boy.  I want English boyfriend!”  she squealed, splashing in the surf fully clothed.  Thais swim in clothes and don’t really sport bathing suits.  I only felt comfortable being in mine because there were other farang in the area; I would not wear one to the beach in Phetchaburi!!


Kati is fully clothed: pants, top, cardigan.

When Kati left at 5 pm, I went in search of food and drink.  With my successful discovery (hence, the opening picture of this entry), I stayed at my table for 2 hours, enjoying the hectic pace of the traffic and the people by myself, having the opportunity to muse and ponder about anything that popped into my head.

I walked the Night Market, making mental notes of a few items I would purchase as presents for friends and family back home.  I then rounded out the evening on the deck of my guesthouse with another glass of wine and some company from a German traveler by the name of Christian, who, to my delight, spoke English very well.

Cheese and wine, beach and the salty air, and fantastic conversation with a good-looking, German man…you can color me happy!


Me, very happy!


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