Wrecker of All Things Stable.

My oh my, what a start to 2014.

I have been home in the United States for a week and a half after deciding to leave Thailand amidst a month long struggle with an awful stomach bug.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get a handle on it, even though I made several trips to the hospital, and, after progressing to the point where I was unable to eat, I hightailed it out of the land of smiles back to my Rocky Mountains to recuperate.

This stomach bug turns out to be an ameba that has been hitchhiking it’s way around my digestive system causing quite a bit of upheaval and chaos.


Wrecker of all things stable.

I am on the mend, trying to adjust again to a gluten-heavy diet and colder temperatures.  My main focus is putting the weight I lost back on and trying to maintain healthy hydration levels.  Even though this is not the way I imagined I would leave Thailand, I have loved this entire experience from beginning to end.

Here is a recap of the first two weeks of January before I headed back to Colorado:

Sports Day:  Finals were coming up fast and there was a lot of stress in the air, so the Director arranged a fun-filled day with activities that pitted blue, yellow, green, and pink teams against each other.

Finals: For the past four months, I taught English Lab, which gave me the flexibility to have some fun with their finals 🙂  My students had to write a play in English then act it out with costumes and props!

King Rama IV palace:  The city of Phetchaburi stretches across flat land, except for one very prominent hill, where King Rama IV built one of many palaces.  Ajan Surasit took me on a field trip to learn about some local history (with a very impressive view).

It was just a few days after my visit to the palace that I boarded a plane to start the long journey home.  I left feeling defeated and weak, but so thankful for having been given the chance to teach some amazing students, visit beautiful beaches, and meet some like-minded people wanting to make a difference.


The last sunset.

I am not yet done with  you, Thailand; I will return to further explore what you have to offer….just minus the amebas!


One response to “Wrecker of All Things Stable.

  1. So happy to read this update! I know you had different plans, but I am so glad that you are on the mend. You are a beautiful person, inside and out!!!

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