A Journey Into Words.

The seasons have changed from winter into spring since my last post, and much has blossomed on the landscape, as well within my life.  I have started down a completely new and different path than when I started this blog to document my Thailand journey.

photo 3-3

An iris blooming outside my house.

As it goes with most things, my international excursions did not turn out the way I had hoped. But, alas, such is life, so I adapted, shifted, and steered myself toward a new horizon, which is brightly lit with colors of hope, resilience, wildness, and freedom.

Seeking a new-state-of-mind after being threatened to be sent to the infectious disease department of the CDC because of the awful parasite I brought back with me from Thailand, I launched myself into figuring out my next step.  Recuperating and sadly unemployed, I knew I wanted to focus on something long-term and permanent, which is the exact opposite of my seasonal National Park Service days.


Getting ready for a days work!

The National Park Service is where my heart will always belong, but, as I mentioned above, sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to.  So, if not with the NPS, then where?

For as long as I can remember, I have loved books.  They have been an escape from reality into worlds created by imaginative authors who want you to tumble down the rabbit hole with them.  And I gladly fling myself over the edge every time I crack a new cover.  So, when I found myself jobless at the beginning of the year with no real idea of where to start looking or what to persue, I asked myself where I spend the majority of my time?  Libraries and bookstores.

And then in March, an opportunity arose to become a part of the library team at the University of Denver.  I jumped at it.  I now spend my days supervising students, wandering the stacks, and searching for lost books.  Every work day, I stumble upon curious titles, odd cover art, and fascinating themes.  I am loving every moment of it.  It satisfies my deep love of the written word.

photo 4 photo 2-1

The University of Denver campus before spring arrived.

So, I have decided to reboot this blog and transform it into an odyssey of authors that I admire, titles that pique my interest, and whatever happenings that come my way as I travel down the road as a librarian.

photo 1-1

I invited folks to follow along on my Thailand experiences, but I now invite you to delve into the world of books.  Let’s take a journey into words.


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