The Strange Adventures of a Pebble

The Strange Adventures of a Pebble

Published in 1921, this title caught my eye immediately.

“The purpose of this little book is to present the chief features in the strange story of the pebbles; and so of the larger pebble we call the earth. It is hoped that readers of various ages will be entertained, without suspecting they are being taught.” And, so the Preface goes….

This is a geology book that aims to teach through the personification of a pebble!

An excerpt from Chapter V: The Fairyland of Change:

“Ahem! Ahem! (Pebble coughing.)
I caught cold some several million years ago and I haven’t got over it yet. That’s why I am a granite pebble instead of a slate pebble, or a sandstone pebble, or anything common.
It’s a part of the story of the fairyland of change, this cold of mine.”


I found a fully digitized version of the book here:;view=1up;seq=112


I also found that this book is considered “culturally important” by various publishing companies.

Hallam Hawksworth also wrote “The Adventures of a Grain of Dust.”


I only briefly browsed through this book, but found the musings of a pebble to be quite enjoyable.


“No, no!  The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time!”     -Lewis Carroll



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