photo 2-10

             … the time that it took me to look up

                               and into your eyes,

— the ever-changing colors unfolded into each other,

                                                   revealing the delicate notions

                        of a heart struggling to alight again —

coming alive from a deep, turbulent darkness / which had

recklessly tossed me around as if I was nothing…..

             / in the time that it took / me to look up and into your eyes,

my sky lit on fire

                        and i knew that there was a possibility that 

                                                                  i could pry my stubborn 

                  outlook apart and have the audacity to

hope for the tenacity / of the fervor to seep into my 

                                   clouded expanses…..


the Sound of Silence

                 the Sound of Silence in the / lofty heights,

careful not to tread on

                                        areas of darkness.

     do Not disturb those who sit content and quiet…..

                           …hushed / you will find the


               story unfold before you.

                                                                                                        ~Tessa Christensen~


the Sound of Silence